Dealing With Flood Damage On Wood Flooring

In case you have been the unfortunate victim of a flood and you are looking at fixing the resulting flood damage to your hardwood flooring, there are numerous things to keep in mind, however before looking at that, let’s take a look at some of the root of flood.

Essentially, there are 3 varieties of water flood and these include sanitary water, non-sanitary water and what is termed as shameful water flooding. Sanitary water flooding, as its name suggests refers to excessive water spillage which originates from fresh sources like plumbing pipes in the house. Unsanitary water, as you’d imagine could be described as filthy water. Typical sources of unsanitary water flood in the house include floods brought on by white goods (washing machines, dishwashers etc) and toilet overflows. In certain ways, the worst type of flood is black water flooding, which includes coastal flooding, river flooding and sewage flooding.

Generally speaking hardwood flooring and excess water are not a fantastic combination and in certain cases flooding could have an irreparable effect on flooring. There are, though, two or three things which will affect the way your hardwood flooring deals with a flood, regardless of its origin (sanitary, insanitary or black). Among the chief elements that will raise your floor’s likelihood of success is the quality of its setup. A well-fitted (or set up ) flooring is considerably more likely to resist the challenges of a flood in relation to a flooring that has been poorly fitted.

Another significant element that will affect the existence of your hardwood flooring in case of flood is how fast you can eliminate water. As you might imagine, the faster you’re able to eliminate the water, the greater the odds that your hardwood flooring has of being conserved.

One of the scariest aspects of flood when it comes to hardwood flooring is the simple fact that flood water isn’t always visible and you might find yourself having to deal with problems which have been growing without your knowing. Flooding under and about wood flooring is often as damaging as flooding on the surface of the floor if it goes un-noticed and un-treated for any length of time.

Arguably the biggest risks associated with flood are the health hazards presented by black water floods and the risk of mold spores growing from the sub floor, but either way, the best way to handle any serious flood on your hardwood flooring would be to bring in flood professionals at the first opportunity.



shutterstock_591495278The Floor Sanding Anerley group has developed two tremendously successful, simple to implement, inexpensive processes that will assist you beautify your floors.

Maybe your Anerley Area home’s hardwood flooring have been gouged and scratched thanks to a resident dogs and/or children. Or perhaps you’re remodeling a condominium which overlooks the Anerley, and you are struggling to determine how to deal with dull, worn finishes and scuff marks left from the last owner. The team here at Floor Sanding Anerley has developed two tremendously powerful, simple to implement, inexpensive processes that will assist you beautify your floors.

1. RX for Wood Floors

This superb merchandise does away with many traditional floor beautification processes, such as sanding, and it eliminates the need for special ventilation or odor removal methods. Even better, RX for Wood Floors burnishes the wood’s inborn colour. This rejuvenation system uses a urethane procedure to revive flooring to their prior beauty and eliminate penetrating scuff marks, scratches due to heavy traffic, gouges, and dullness.

We can execute the RX for Wood Floors procedure in just a day, in general. First we use”virtual sanding” (using compounds ) to eliminate the previous finish to prep the floor to get a better top coat. This is easier than traditional sanding, and it does not release tiny little particles of dust and old finish into the atmosphere. Floor Sanding Anerley professionals; we will repair the surface and put on the finish. Finally, the RX for Wood Floors product catalyzes the finish and locks in the beautiful restored aesthetic.


Wide Oak Floorboards Perfect for Small or Narrow Areas

panaget-driftwood-french-rustic-oak-1Not everybody needs a massive house with large rooms, but most people have a minumum of one area in their house that drives them angry as it’s too little or too narrow. Regardless of what you attempt, you can not make that space look larger or wider! Even though you won’t ever have the ability to alter the real measurements of this space, there’s a means to provide an illusion of your space becoming more considerable or less narrow than it really is. Wide oak floorboards would be the answer. Yes, broad oak floorboards – opposite to what you may think are ideal for smaller rooms or narrow areas within your dwelling.

Divide the principles with broad boards

When most individuals plan floors a narrow or small area, they believe they need to adhere to the principles and select narrow floors that’s proportionate to the size of their room they are flooring. The excellent news is you don’t have to live by those principles. And in reality, if you do not you might discover your area suddenly sounds a great deal more spacious or broader. Thinking beyond the box may be exactly what the doctor ordered to find the illusion of distance you are so eager to possess.

If you think about it, even when it comes to clothing, folks say that if you are on the brief, wide side, you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or if you’re tall and thin, then you should avoid vertical stripes no matter what. But if you are on the brief and broad side and you wish to appear even wider and shorter (unlikely, but you will get the drift), broad horizontal stripes will help you achieve your objective. The same is true when you’re overly tall and thin and wish to appear shorter and wider. And not all that surprisingly, this trend rule can be applied to insides as well.

Produce an illusion of space or width

At Floor Sanding Anerley, we’ve seen our wide oak floorboards used to stunning effect in both cavernous rooms and spaces that are so tight, that you would imagine it impossible to produce a feeling of space. It is because of this that we make a point of having a fantastic stock of broad oak floorboards in stock in any way times.

When we refer to wide oak floorboards, we’re talking about floorboards which are anywhere between 220 and 300mm wide. With a real quality, chunky feel to them, these floorboards aren’t just stunningly beautiful, they’re also ideal for creating interior effects which you might think impossible at the moment.

Here are some of our favourites:

If you are wary of going the entire hog to get a very wide board, then this natural Norske Oak Bamble by Oak Flooring Direct Bristol Engineered Oak Flooring Main-800x800engineered walnut UK gray, UV oiled floor is for you. This really is a superb option if you have a narrow area you need to create look wider or a little area that you need to create look bigger but are lacking the guts or confidence to go to get a really, really wide board. What you ought to do is choose this magnificent gray floor and run the boards round the narrow side of the area and you’ll be immediately impressed by the difference it makes.

At 250mm wide, this rustic engineered walnut bologna brushed UV oiled floor makes a major statement, however narrow or small your distance. This wide oak floorboard solution is perfect in either small or narrow spaces and combined with creativity can actually transform an area that you would cast aside previously because it seemed too small to make the statement you’d hoped for.

If you want a really broad board that has been left unfinished, then that pick engineered oak brushed unfinished option will be for you. At 300mm wide this really versatile broad oak floorboard option is stunning in almost any small or narrow area, no matter whether you intend to decorate it in a highly contemporary or conventional manner. What’s more, it provides you the freedom to choose the finish after you’ve fitted the floor, which is a great solution for anybody who’s unsure about which complete to select.

However little or narrow the distance you want to flooring, at Floor Sanding Anerley we’ve got a fantastic alternative. At times it’s the obvious choices that work best, and though it might sound hard to state it, we are good at rounding out options that you mayn’t have thought of today. We have helped thousands of clients transform their houses quickly, easily and available, by simply implementing our years of expertise. And we can assist you to do exactly the same. Regardless of if your issue is about the size or width of your area or just which alternative would work best for you personally, we could help — and we would be thrilled to do so.

Why don’t you get in touch now and receive 2019 off to a fantastic start?

Should I choose Engineered or Solid Hardwood Flooring?

product-solid-wood-york-white-washed-room1You would find it difficult to discern the difference between engineered or solid hardwood flooring once they have been installed, but they’re very different types of flooring. They are both created from real hardwood, but in quite different ways. The most important difference between solid and engineered wood flooring is in the building of the planks. This, in turn, impacts how, when and in which they are sometimes used. The option between solid or engineered typically depends on your preference and also where and how you want the floors to be well fitted.

What’s engineered hardwood floors?

Engineered hardwood floors consists of multiple layers of timber. This is actually the part which you are able to see when the floor was fitted. The use layer is the preferred species of timber. The remaining part of the plank of floors consists of base layers. This gives added strength and stability into the floor. Therefore, by way of instance, the entire depth of your floors plank might be 18mm but just 4mm of this could possibly be actual hardwood as well

Engineered hardwood can either possess a click matching system or a tongue and groove profile, and may also be located in parquet blocks. Plank widths, thicknesses and lengths can change based upon your requirements. There are also different endings to choose from such as: oiled, lacquered, brushed and unfinished. If you go for an unfinished flooring, then you are going to have to shield it with an oil or lacquer after it’s been installed.

Engineered hardwood floors shouldn’t be confused for laminate flooring. Engineered hardwood actually has a top layer of genuine hardwood, whereas laminate flooring is a high excellent picture of hardwood floors laminated onto high density fibreboard (HDF), not wood.

as another 14mm is going to be the foundation layers. There are normally multiple foundation layers created from plywood, Hevea or Eucalyptus that are fixed into the wear layer in a 90 degree angle to offer dimensional stability into the floor plank.

What are the benefits of engineered hardwood flooring?

  • It is tough for you to tell it apart from solid hardwood flooring once installed.Toms-Kitchen-Solid-Oak-Reclaimed-Wood-Flooring-04
  • It has a real coating of wood on top.
  • You’ll be able to use it in more versatile ways as it’s more resilient to fluctuations in humidity and temperature than solid wood floors.
  • It’s a really stable product and can be set up in within an underlay and with underfloor heating and in conservatories.
  • It may also be adjusted into the subfloor if required.
  • If you choose a click system engineered hardwood then you are going to find it fast and easy to install.
  • You will have a choice of different timber species, designs, colours, finishes and plank dimensions.
  • If needed, you can sand the top layer of real wood and refinish the flooring.

What is solid hardwood flooring?

Strong hardwood floors is only made from a solid piece of hardwood. The timber is cut right from the tree back, and then made to a plank of floors with a machine. You’ll have the ability to discover good hardwood floors with various species of timber, varying plank sizes and a choice of finish. This offers you the opportunity to set up your hardwood flooring first then match a color stain and manner of end for you décor.

Solid hardwood floors is popular and widely desirable as it’s considered to make a lavish appeal to your house. Nearly all solid wood flooring includes the more conventional tongue and groove matching profile, even though you can discover good wood parquet blocks and sometimes click matching planks. Strong hardwood flooring have to get fixed into place during setup. It can’t be floated within an underlay because it requires the stability of being firmly fixed into the subfloor.



engineered-parquet-flooring-american-walnut-94860-3687031Within this guide, you will learn fundamental details regarding parquet floors . That term refers to a floor option that has French source, stems from the term’parqueterie’ and dates back to late or mid 17th Century. Parquet floors is a wood floor option that’s created of little wood cubes or strips installed in this manner that they produce routine geometrical patterns.

In the very start, parquet floors has been utilized for the purpose of replacing or covering cold tiles. It’s won general acclaim, and it has gained popularity through recent years.

Parquet floor setup is not a job for a novice, no matter how proficient they think that they are. That traditional kind of flooring can be likened to mosaic flooring and is in high demand thanks to its cosmetic effect. For the type of floor various species of wood could be used, e.g. walnut, lime, walnut, oak, walnut or cherry.

Usually it is laid in routine and geometrical, angular contours. So that you may see lozenges, square-like contours, or triangles. Very popular patterns with this traditional flooring solution contain also stars and sunlight effects. For those that wish to get a different impact that will stand out less should really go for herringbone or even chevron patterns (herringbone, double herringbone, triple herringbone, chevron and boxed patterns are among those most popular).

These days, the herringbone pattern probably ranks somewhere at the top of the list of their most favoured parquet flooring options.

Nowadays, when choosing parquet floors, it is possible to have it installed in solid or engineered wood, even though at first it was made just of wood. Solid wood parquet flooring is constructed of solid pieces of wood, while engineered parquet flooring is made up of layers of different wood types, with hardwood on top. The last effect in the event of engineered and solid parquet floors is rather similar.

The task of placing parquet flooring should most certainly be entrusted to experienced professionals. In the past, it was set with hot bitumen, but a cold glue is used for installation, giving very stable results. This pleasant and functional flooring option is usually used for corridors and bedrooms instead to tiles, which provides each inside a warm wooden signature.

For more thorough cleaning, you may need to use a professional wood flooring product, but you’ll certainly be advised by your provider concerning the most appropriate wood care options.


Keep the original one!

Sandng process need to be made professional and this is way our experts are leaders in the business but we still improve with every project. We are putting not only time,materials and hard work in this job, but also love. Wood and home atmosphere are the things we care about and this is way we know what results you are looking for – perfect!

We think it is better to restore or renovate an existing wooden floor rather than just replace it. There are many reasons for this, like that hardwood have more character and patina, authentic wood is usually higher quality than modern machined boards . Keeping the original features will undoubtedly enhance your surroundings – whether contemporary or traditional – more than you could ever imagine. We can guarantee your satisfaction!263912_167638173301277_2225430_n



1. Quebracho – From the Spanish “quebrar hacha,” which literally means
“axe breaker.” Aptly named, wood in the Schinopsis genus is among the
heaviest and hardest in the world.
2. Lignum Vitae -Widely accepted as the hardest wood in the world–this
wood has been listed as an endangered species and is listed in CITES.
Consider Verawood as a very close substitute.
3. Gidgee – This Australian endemic is both very heavy and very strong.
Some pieces are dark enough to be used as an ebony substitute: one that’s
even harder than the original article.
4. Snakewood – It’s easy to see what makes Snakewood so unique–its patterns
and markings resemble the skin of a snake. Limited supply and high demand
make this one of the most expensive woods on eart.
5. Verawood – Sometimes called Argentine Lignum Vitae, this wood is a gem:
inexpensive, great olive-green color, beautiful feathery grain pattern, and
it takes a great natural polish on the lathe.
6. Camelthorn – Formerly classified as a member of the Acacia genus, this
south African hardwood is a tough customer. The wood is stubbornly hard,
and the tree is protected by giant sharp thorns.
7. African Blackwood – In some parts of the world, this wood has achieved
an almost legendary status. Historical evidence points to this wood
(rather than Diospyros spp.) being the original “ebony.”
8. Black Ironwood – Pieces are very seldom seen for sale, as this tree is
too small to produce commercially viable lumber. Like the unrelated
Desert Ironwood, Black Ironwood is an excellent choice for small
turning projects.
9. Katalox / Wamara – Some pieces can be just about a dark as true ebony,
while others are a more reddish brown with black streaks. So much depth
in the Swartzia genus, there’s something for everyone!
10. Cebil- Also known as Curupay or by the exaggerated name Patagonian
Rosewood, Cebil is not a true rosewood. It has a highly variable streaked
appearance not too unlike Goncalo Alves.

It’s time to give your property a fresh look !

We can give you a estimate over the phone or via email if you have the dimensions, as We work on a rate per sq meter or sq yard the estimate will allow for minor repairs,sanding and finishing with three coats of varnish.
If the price quoted seems reasonable, We will then visit your home to look at the floor and discuss your thoughts, concerns and ideas for the project.
We will then send you a written estimate or email you an estimate for the work.
If you would like to go ahead We will give you a date on which We will hope to start your room. We do not charge for my estimates or advice.

If you have a floor in need of some care and attention,contact us for a no-obligation quote.