Dealing With Flood Damage On Wood Flooring

In case you have been the unfortunate victim of a flood and you are looking at fixing the resulting flood damage to your hardwood flooring, there are numerous things to keep in mind, however before looking at that, let’s take a look at some of the root of flood.

Essentially, there are 3 varieties of water flood and these include sanitary water, non-sanitary water and what is termed as shameful water flooding. Sanitary water flooding, as its name suggests refers to excessive water spillage which originates from fresh sources like plumbing pipes in the house. Unsanitary water, as you’d imagine could be described as filthy water. Typical sources of unsanitary water flood in the house include floods brought on by white goods (washing machines, dishwashers etc) and toilet overflows. In certain ways, the worst type of flood is black water flooding, which includes coastal flooding, river flooding and sewage flooding.

Generally speaking hardwood flooring and excess water are not a fantastic combination and in certain cases flooding could have an irreparable effect on flooring. There are, though, two or three things which will affect the way your hardwood flooring deals with a flood, regardless of its origin (sanitary, insanitary or black). Among the chief elements that will raise your floor’s likelihood of success is the quality of its setup. A well-fitted (or set up ) flooring is considerably more likely to resist the challenges of a flood in relation to a flooring that has been poorly fitted.

Another significant element that will affect the existence of your hardwood flooring in case of flood is how fast you can eliminate water. As you might imagine, the faster you’re able to eliminate the water, the greater the odds that your hardwood flooring has of being conserved.

One of the scariest aspects of flood when it comes to hardwood flooring is the simple fact that flood water isn’t always visible and you might find yourself having to deal with problems which have been growing without your knowing. Flooding under and about wood flooring is often as damaging as flooding on the surface of the floor if it goes un-noticed and un-treated for any length of time.

Arguably the biggest risks associated with flood are the health hazards presented by black water floods and the risk of mold spores growing from the sub floor, but either way, the best way to handle any serious flood on your hardwood flooring would be to bring in flood professionals at the first opportunity.


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