engineered-parquet-flooring-american-walnut-94860-3687031Within this guide, you will learn fundamental details regarding parquet floors . That term refers to a floor option that has French source, stems from the term’parqueterie’ and dates back to late or mid 17th Century. Parquet floors is a wood floor option that’s created of little wood cubes or strips installed in this manner that they produce routine geometrical patterns.

In the very start, parquet floors has been utilized for the purpose of replacing or covering cold tiles. It’s won general acclaim, and it has gained popularity through recent years.

Parquet floor setup is not a job for a novice, no matter how proficient they think that they are. That traditional kind of flooring can be likened to mosaic flooring and is in high demand thanks to its cosmetic effect. For the type of floor various species of wood could be used, e.g. walnut, lime, walnut, oak, walnut or cherry.

Usually it is laid in routine and geometrical, angular contours. So that you may see lozenges, square-like contours, or triangles. Very popular patterns with this traditional flooring solution contain also stars and sunlight effects. For those that wish to get a different impact that will stand out less should really go for herringbone or even chevron patterns (herringbone, double herringbone, triple herringbone, chevron and boxed patterns are among those most popular).

These days, the herringbone pattern probably ranks somewhere at the top of the list of their most favoured parquet flooring options.

Nowadays, when choosing parquet floors, it is possible to have it installed in solid or engineered wood, even though at first it was made just of wood. Solid wood parquet flooring is constructed of solid pieces of wood, while engineered parquet flooring is made up of layers of different wood types, with hardwood on top. The last effect in the event of engineered and solid parquet floors is rather similar.

The task of placing parquet flooring should most certainly be entrusted to experienced professionals. In the past, it was set with hot bitumen, but a cold glue is used for installation, giving very stable results. This pleasant and functional flooring option is usually used for corridors and bedrooms instead to tiles, which provides each inside a warm wooden signature.

For more thorough cleaning, you may need to use a professional wood flooring product, but you’ll certainly be advised by your provider concerning the most appropriate wood care options.



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